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Summer Scholars Program

Why Choose Best Solutions?

The philosophy at Best Solutions Educational Services emphazies the unique needs of each student. We recognize that students have different learning styles and personal needs. The Summer Academy 2015 Program was developed to accommodate your child's schedule, academic age, and subject variations. We also offer unique courses that we believe can be critical to the success of students in a demanding educational culture. The relationship among comprehension skills and logical reasoning in reading, math, and writing are addressed in the Logic and Problem Solving Course.

Logic & Problem Solving

Students practice making predictions and using logical reasoning ability when READING, solving word problems in MATH, and when performing assignments that require Creative Writing. 


Creative thinking skills needed to focus on logical proof and critical thinking when solving problems or evaluating arguments in various subject areas.

Study Habits

Test Taking Skills

Time Management

Organizational Skills

Students learn how,why,what and when they should study. Various techniques for visual and verbal learners are covered. Students learn how to perform successfully on all types of tests. 

 Writing Skills

Courses cover grammar, sentence structure, paragraph, and essay writing.

Basic Math Concepts


Middle School

High School Math Concepts


Algebra 1


Algebra 2/Trigonometry

SAT Preparation

Overview of Verbal and Math components of the SAT Reasoning Test. Strategies to improve speed, accuracy, and increase confidence will be covered.

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