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Assessment Services

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Educational  Assessments

Educational  evaluations provide critical information needed to help determine   whether your child may have  a disability and whether your child requires special education and related services. Assessment tools include Woodcock-Johnson  3 and the KTEA - 3. Evaluations are conducted by certified examiners. Reports are provided with test results, interpretation and recommendations.


Speech and Language Assessments

Our speech pathologists conduct administer evaluations that assess the communication skills of children of all ages. Assessments include evaluation of articulation, receptive, expressive and pragmatic language skills. 

In School Observations


Observing your child in the school setting can be done by our educational consultants with no intrusion into the classroom setting. Best Solutions consultants can observe all facets of student functioning including intellectual, language, social-emotional and academic performance. Observing and documenting how your child performs in school can be very helpful in determining if IEP supports and accommodations are being implemented appropriately. Observations may support the need for changes in placement or for changes to the types of supports that should be added to the IEP document. For children who do not receive special support in school observations can be helping in determine if additional services are needed. over the course of a year allows an educator to accumulate a record of the child’s growth and development. With this information, educators can begin to plan appropriate curriculum and effective individualized instruction for each child.

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At Best Solutions we focus on the individual needs of each student. Our staff provides specifically designed support programs that provide support in one or more areas of need. 

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