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Reboot Series for Parents Coping with COVID-19


If you are like me, it is important to feel like you are in control of your schedule, supporting your family  and next steps in life. These are key areas that help us manage stress in our lives. But what do we do when life presents situations and challenges beyond our control? The COVID-19 virus outbreak has reminded me that sometimes we simply need to reboot. Reboot, redo, restart, are simply ways to say we have to readjust ourselves to this new situation. Just like some of our children, we rely on a sense of normalcy to help us cope with the day to day challenges of life. When your child goes to class and there is a substitute, he or she has to "reboot" and adjust to the new situation. The current health scare is similar to having a long-term substitute which means there are going to be new rules,  new expectations and a challenge to adjust oneself  during the change. We may not be able to take total control of the virus, but we can definitely control how we respond to it. How well you manage the crisis will reflect on how well your child will adapt to it.   Parents and educators are in the process of "rebooting" as we realize that we can take control of how we react to this crisis.  The Reboot Series for Parents will be a weekly message of support offering suggestions and information on how to help yourself and your child adapt to one of the most serious challenges mankind has experienced in a very  long time. To sign up for the series join our mailing list below. 


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Reboot Series

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First Things First. 


Managing the Unknown


Tag You'r It!


Social Distancing - How to stay connected


Back to Basics - 


Laughing While Learning


Modify Your Home Learning Environment


Pull Out that IEP


Cease the Moment


Lessons Learned


What's New with Best Solutions?

Debrah Martin, President and CEO of Best Solutions Educational Services continues to  advocate for children with special needs in the community. She was a guest speaker, on March 1, 2020, at The Blue Runway Fashion Show held on the Spirt of Mount Vernon Cruise Ship. The the event provided opportunities for children with autism to model and highlight their talents. Mrs. Martin's theme focussed on helping nondisabled individuals understand the  day to day challenges of children who have special needs.

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Spring 2020 Parent Academy -IEP Needs during the COVID-19 Virus
Sat, Apr 11
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Apr 11, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM EDT
Zoom Meeting
During the challenging times of the coping with the COVID-19 virus crisis, use this opportunity to learn how to keep a sense of normalcy for your child, increase your knowledge of what's happening regarding the provision of IEP's, and interact with other parents dealing with the same challenges.

Spring 2020

Parent Academy

IEPs & the  COVID-19 VIRUS

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  • How do you decrease your child's regression of IEP goals/objectives

  • Share relevant websites

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  • What is MSDE doing about IEPs during the virus outbreak?

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April 11, 2020

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