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First Responders and Special Needs

Over the last few months, Debrah Martin, President of Best Solutions Educational Services has collaborated with the Blue Runway for Autism conducting awareness and de-escalation training for first responders and to families who have members with special needs. On May 15, 2021 . The vision of The Blue Runway for Autism and the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department  was not only timely but provided a great opportunity for families with special needs individuals and police officers to engage and learn from each other. While officers learned about sensory and other challenges that people with disabilities experience in the community, families were reminded of the daily challenges that officers face in the community.

July 23, 2021

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A second training was hosted by the Blue Runway for Autism on July 23, 2021 at the Mt. Rainer Police Station in Washington DC. The Sheriff Department of Prince George's County among other first responders and community partners were present. The experience of hands on training provided by Debrah Martin was enlightening for participants, The 3 hour training included role play, Q& A and hands on experiences similar to those that people with motor, vision, hearing and sensory challenges experience in the community.

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Book Launch January 10, 2021

Regardless: 31 Days of Prayer, Praise, and Thanksgiving

Author: Dr. Michele Walker

Moderator: Debrah Martin

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Guest Speaker

Debrah Martin

Supporting Parents and Students During a Pandemic

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Education, Children on the Autism Spectrum and the COVID-19 Pandemic

To listen to the interview

News4Kids  Debrah Martin speaks to kids about COVID-19 and anxiety.

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Debrah Martin, President and CEO of Best Solutions Educational Services continues to  advocate for children with special needs in the community. She was a guest speaker, on March 1, 2020, at The Blue Runway Fashion Show held on the Spirt of Mount Vernon Cruise Ship. The the event provided opportunities for children with autism to model and highlight their talents. Mrs. Martin's theme focussed on helping nondisabled individuals understand the  day to day challenges of children who have special needs.


As we move into the 2020-21  school year, parents must consider how to be well-prepared for the transition from the ICLP to the IEP.  Knowing how to organize the information YOU have obtained about your child's experience during distance learning is critical to this transition. This workshop will:

  • prepare you for the review of your child's progress in that first IEP meeting by preparing for re-entry with precise data for goals

  • help you discover the new changes in regulations during the period of distance learning

  • help you create an IEP friendly classroom in your home 




Back to School with New Rules Workshop 

A parent guide for supporting your child during the 2020-21 school year. 

Best Solutions has expanded services that are available to our clients. As we work toward meeting the needs of our families, we now have an Evaluation Services Department.

  • Educational Assessments

  • In-School Observations with Recommendations

  • Progress Monitoring Assessments 

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